Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Here it is, finally finished! It's been so long since I fitted it, that I can't remember what size I cut. I do remember cutting a smaller size for the neck pieces, and grading the bodice out so that I didn't have to do an FBA. It worked well and I'm really pleased with the fit.
I always feel awkward when Dom tells me to pose, so I pulled a silly pose instead! His directions included things like 'stand up straighter' 'put your shoulders back' and 'stick your bum out'!
I ended up shortening the skirt by about 4 inches or so. The longer length made me look short and dumpy! I really like the shorter length, it lets the skirt flare out really nicely. The shape of the skirt is one of my favourite things about this dress.
The back isn't perfect, fit-wise. But it's comfortable and doesn't look too bad. When I fitted it, I fitted it to be too tight with the intention that I would slim into it. I'm really pleased to say that it's now got a nice amount of ease! I'm getting close to a healthy weight (according to BMI), so this dress fitting nicely is like icing on the cake :)
This dress is my favourite thing that I've made so far :) The instructions for this pattern are perfect, and I took my time with it so I'm really pleased with the construction. 
Onto the next project! :)


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