Sunday, 29 August 2010


I finished my jacket last Friday! Then I went home for a week, so I haven't had a chance to take a photo yet. I might take one later if I remember.
I also need to take a photo of the dress that I made my own pattern for. Its still needs to be put in the wash, I keep forgetting to put it in. At the moment its still covered in fabric pen markings.
I have also bought a set of double pointed needles, along with some wool and a pattern to make socks! :D I did a practice one last night, and I think I know what I'm doing :S I only got as far as I did thanks to this youtube video. The video is the first of four, and the lady Dorret goes through the steps of making a sock in a very well explained way, and she helped me make sense of the instructions on my pattern :) Hope my socks go well!
Jellybean x

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Bread and my new jacket pattern

So here is a photo of the bread that I baked on Tuesday. It went really well, and tasted amazing! There's nothing quite like homemade bread. We even had real butter! :) 

My dress is going well, it fits perfectly. I just need to add straps, and wash it so I can iron all the pleats nicely. There's also lots of marking on it in a water soluble bright blue fabric marker, so it certainly needs a wash, I can't be bothered to sponge off all those markings! 

I also have a new jacket pattern! It's this one. I think I'll make the one on the top left, but with the sleeves from the top right. I haven't made a jacket before, so I've been reading the instructions through lots to make sure I understand them. I've got as far as ironing the pattern pieces. Then I'll trace the pattern using baking parchment (its cheaper than proper pattern paper). Then comes the altering to fit! I haven't done this before either, so I hope it goes well :)
Jellybean x

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Phew. . .

Kneading bread dough is hard work! I haven't made bread before, so I hope it goes ok :) the dough is currently on the warming plate on the top of our coffee maker, I'm hoping the warmth will make it rise well.

Update on that dress: I sort of gave up. The bodice was just too big, and I couldn't be bothered with altering it. The skirt bit was still ok though, so I've decided I'm going to make my own bodice part for it. I think I'm going to try a 50s style pin-up dress. I'm sure I can salvage that much from the left over material. . .I hope.
Jellybean x

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Yay, finally cut out the lining for a dress that I started ages ago :) I think I'll start sewing it tomorrow :)
Jellybean x

India's Backpack

My little sister has been asking me to make her a backpack for ages. Her birthday is coming up, so I thought it'd be a good idea to get it made for her birthday. 

Today, I finally finished the practice version. It's made from odds and ends of fabric that I had, so it doesn't match, the thread doesn't match, the fabric wasn't ironed, I didn't trim seam allowances or do anything to make it nice and neat, I just wanted a quick practice. 

As it turned out, it wasn't quick as I managed to lose my little bag full of thread, and so couldn't sew a stich for a day or two. I finally found my thread, and finished the practice backpack. 

I decided on a pocket on each side (though you can't really tell on the photo), there's a small pocket on the inside, and a button fastening. I gathered the top edge of the fabric so it tapers in at the top. I haven't decided whether I will do this in the actual backpack, or whether I will just cut the pieces out tapered. I also made the straps myself by folding a piece of fabric, and doing lines of stitching in rows, end to end. The inside is also lined. The whole thing needs to be neater, but at least I have some good experience now :)

Buttercup bag

Lovely sequins, and my rainbow tag :)
The lovely lining, and the pocket.
I had a go at my very first bag a few days ago, and it turned out very well :) I made it for Dom's little sisters 8th birthday. I even managed to put her name on it sequins! I did this by hand, and it took ages. I think it was worth it though :) I also lined it with a lovely material, and even included a pocket. It fastens with a magnetic snap, though the magnet was a tad strong! lol. I also included one of my little rainbow tags made out of ribbon, I try and put these on eveything I make.
I made this using a free pattern, which can be found here.
Jellybean x

So I have a blog. . .

This is my first blog. Yay! So as its my first, I've basically no idea what I'm doing, so bare with me while I learn (or get my fiance to show me how, he is studying computer science!).
I'll be including a little bit of everything, from sewing projects or what I've baked to how my chilli plant is doing (very well actually, I haven't managed to kill it yet). 
So I'll try my best :)


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