Friday, 25 May 2012

Operation Emergency Maxi Dresses!

It's hot. Most of my dresses are polyester, and are terrible to wear in this lovely weather we're having. The trip into town to pick up thread, zips, and elastic was very uncomfortable. I definitely need some cooler dresses! 
So Operation Emergency Maxi Dresses begins! Simply, it will be a tube of fabric with a zip at one side and elastic and straps at the top. Then I can wear a belt at my waist as tight or as loose as I want. Or no belt at all if it's super hot. It will be a good chance to practice invisible zips :)
Hopefully I'll have at least one maxi dress to show you soon!
Ashley x


  1. Love the fabrics you've picked too :-)

  2. Gorgeous fabrics! If your making a simple tube with elastic along the top you might not even need a zip on the side. Just make sure the elastic stretches enough to get the tube of fabric over your head. That might make your operation even quicker!

  3. great idea.. the colour scheme is very summer. Go girl !

  4. Oh I love that russian dool fabric! Well, it was hot when you wrote, this, maybe it will return?? Lady Cherry x


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