Monday, 25 June 2012

Echo Flowers

I love this pattern, it's so pretty. I kept seeing shawls all over Ravelry that I loved, and when I went to check the pattern it would the Echo Flower shawl pattern. Eventually I just recognised it on sight! :) You can find my project page here.
It uses Estonian stitches, so lots of 3-into-9 stitches and such. I eventually realised it would be easier on my hands if I made sure to knit these loosely. And nupps!! (Apparently this is pronounced to rhyme with soup) The pattern also calls for you to bind off with the yarn held double. This has given it a nice sturdy but still stretchy edge. It was a very enjoyable pattern :)
Ashley x
p.s. No pictures of me wearing it yet, I have a cold sore and cold sores are icky :( I get cold sores when I'm particularly stressed, so yeah :(

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