Thursday, 19 July 2012

Leaving tomorrow!

We're leaving Lincoln tomorrow! This is the third day of packing and we're down to the last bits and bobs, and trying to pack up pots and pans but leaving out the ones we need for tea tonight.
We'll be sorting the paperwork tomorrow, and should hopefully get the keys to the flat! I went to my last Spins and Needles Knit night on Monday, Sarah moved it so I could attend one last time. And she presented me with a lovely bag of yarn, a yarn bowl and a Spins and Needles mug! I was not expecting this, and it has made me even more sad to be leaving.
Anyway, the next time I post I'll probably be posting from Hungerford public library! Hopefully the internet won't take too long to get sorted.
Ashley x


  1. Good luck with the move Ashley, hope it all goes well and you get quickly settled in your new home. Your leaving gift from the knitting group sounds lovely too - how kind people are :)

  2. Awww what a lovely gesture!!! Hope the move has gone well. Update soon!!!


Thanks for the comment!


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