Monday, 10 September 2012


Phew, where have the last couple of months gone?! Thank you for the well wishes :) The move went so-so. We managed to get everything into Dom's dad's van ok, and the drive down was fine too. I didn't even get travel sick! We arrived on the Friday, we were to stay in an inn and get the keys on Saturday. But when we got here it was clear that the last tenant probably wasn't going to be moved out in time to drop the keys off at the estate agent. She and her mum were just shoving things into the car, she hadn't even packed anything beforehand! And they were throwing a few things into the car, not even filling it up as much as they could. In the end Dom's dad suggested we offer to help. We filled their car as full as we could, and off they went. They returned for the last few bits and left us with the keys. Hurray, we were in a day early! Right? You'd think we'd be happy, but the flat hadn't been cleaned at all. 
We decided to stay at the inn anyway, as the flat was in such a state that we just didn't want to sleep there. 
So on Saturday morning, we made our way to our new flat. The walls were mouldy (apparently this is a common problem round here, but she'd made no attempt to keep it under control), the fridge was disgusting with mould and the freezer box was frozen over so we couldn't open it (when we eventually got it open there was food in there!), everything was grimey, the bedroom carpet is cream and shows up everything she'd managed to spill on it, as well as a burn mark from an iron! After a couple of days, we noticed that the curtains were also mouldy and had cat hair matted into the lining. And then there were the fleas in the carpet!!! Ick!!
Anyway, we cleaned and scrubbed, and had the land lady and the estate agent round to check out the curtains and told them about the fleas. They were both disgusted, and the poor land lady was embarrassed! They both agreed that she wouldn't be getting her bond back. They took the curtains to be dry cleaned and organised for a professional flea treatment and a painter to come and stain block the walls (after we'd given them a good clean with water and white vinegar) and re-paint them cream. 
So we're mostly happy with the flat now :) We're still lacking in furniture though. We went to a furniture sale during one of our first weekends here and bought a chest of drawers (it's nearly as tall as I am!) and a little side table/coffee table from a company called Underneath the Mango Tree. It's made from mango wood! It's beautiful and is built to last. Plus  the chest of drawers makes our clothes smell lovely! We also have a sofa that the last tenant left, after a good scrub and a hoover out, it will do until we can get a new one (it's not in very good condition thanks to the cat). And a bed, of course. 
The lack of furniture has also meant no sewing! We don't have any kind of table (the side table is too low), and there's no way I'd manage on the floor! I'm sure I've seen a photo of a blogger using a sewing machine on the floor and her legs are bent every which way and she's all hunched over. I think I'd injure myself if I tried that! We've placed a massive order with Ikea and are now waiting for all manner of furniture. There's a desk big enough for both me and Dom, and I can have my sewing machine permanently set up there!! I'm so excited, I can't wait to finish my Chantilly dress and not have to put my sewing machine away every time I'm done with it. And a wardrobe, and a lot of storage in the form of drawers and bookshelves. I really hope we have plenty of storage, I'm tired of having things in boxes or neat piles. 
And now we come to the title of this post. We graduated last week! The graduation took place in the Lincoln Cathedral, with drinks afterwards in the Castle grounds. It was lovely :) Dom and my mum came to mine, but I wasn't able to go to his as we only got two tickets each (for free, you could buy extras but they sold out super fast!) and his dad and step mum went. Dom was also awarded the prize for most creative use of technology! How cool is that?! Also, it's a good job Dom took an extra handkerchief as my mum had need of it during the ceremony :)
I'll finish this long post with photo's from my graduation :) I don't have any on my laptop of Dom in his cap and gown yet though. Here are my favourites:

Me and mum :)

I know this blurry, but it's one of my favourites. I think we were laughing
because I'd poked him in the head with my hat!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend :) I'll share some of my recent knitting this week. And hopefully some sewing at the weekend! (Fingers crossed that the Ikea order comes when it's supposed too!)
Ashley x

Update: Just received an email from Ikea with the date of delivery. Not until the 20th!! When we ordered, the estimated delivery was the 15th *sigh* I was hoping in would be sooner, we really need a wardrobe. We've been hanging Dom's suits on the headboard of the bed! lol


  1. Congratulations on your graduation, your pictures are adorable and your mum looks so young she could be your sister!!! Such a shame about the trouble you had with the flat, I'm such a clean freak so I don't think I would have coped as well as you did! Glad to hear it's back on track now though and hope you settle in nicely ;o)

    1. Thank you :) Haha, there have been a few times when people have thought she's my sister :)
      Yeah, I'm so glad we had a room booked for the night! By the time we had everything in the flat, it was about 8.30pm so we'd had a long day of travelling and hauling stuff around. I could have cried! We got it cleaned pretty quick the next day though :)

  2. Congrats Ashley!

    Sounds like you had a nightmare move. I've been off blogland for the past few months too due to my boyfirends new job meaning a big move, so i totally understand the stress, but fleas in your new flat's carpet, yeugh! Glad to hear things are going better now.

    Hope you're settling in to Hungerford, you're not a million miles away from me in Bristol or Scruffy Badger in Bath now either, more blogger meet-up's soon methinks

    1. Thanks :) We're settling in well, and once money isn't so tight (and I have a job!) I'll definitely look into blogger meet-ups, and London isn't so far away either! There's a direct line from here to Paddington which is great, and it only takes an hour :)

  3. Congratulations on your graduation Ashley!

    Sorry to hear about your problems with your new place - eww! It must have been horrible, but here's to getting it all sorted and you set up with your new sewing space as soon as possible. I bet you can't wait!

    1. Thanks :) We're almost sorted, it's just little things now like leaky taps and a broken electric socket.
      I can't wait to have furniture! I'll be able to find things easily again once it's all put away :)

  4. Congratulations on the graduation! I remember moving into a rented house that was filthy and I was up until the small hours cleaning it from top to bottom before going to bed after moving in very late following a 4 hour car journey! I should have complained - still annoyed about it today! I have been told to use Zinsser Perma white as a base coat for mould and moisture prone rooms and have been told it's really good - might be something to tell your landlady!

    1. Thanks :) Oh, that's awful! Ruins the excitement of a new flat too!
      Ah, thanks, I'll mention it next time we speak to her :)

  5. Congrats on the graduation, and well done on keeping your head with the flat situation! What an awful start, and an unbelievably inconsiderate previous tenant. Fingers crossed your Ikea order arrives soon and the flat becomes home!


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