Tuesday, 9 April 2013


This is the first lace weight shawl that I finished last summer. It was a lovely day when we took the photos, we went for a walk down the canal to the South common. 
The pattern is free download from Ravelry, here. The yarn is a one off, dyed by Jonathan from Chroma Yarns, he is local to Lincoln and sells to my old local yarn shop Spins and Needles. I also took a couple of classes with him, and he's lovely :) The yarn is a wonderful colour, a mix of blue and chocolate brown. It's 20% silk too so it catches the light beautifully. My project page is here. 
Ashley x


  1. Cute shawl - great to have an opportunity to wear it as well. My beginner knitting has stalled - must re-start it!

  2. It's so pretty! It looks really soft and cozy, too.

  3. Beautiful shawl!! I am so in awe of people such as you who can knit such fine lacy wondrousness...

  4. Lovely delicate knitting...so beautiful and I am always so in awe of anyone who can knit such gorgeous finery !!


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