Friday, 19 April 2013

The return of the mojo

You may have noticed there hasn't been much sewing going on lately ;) I worked on my Chantilly a few weeks ago, got to the hem and stalled. Hems are boring! However, I won KraftyKat's recent giveaway, and it arrived today! I was lucky enough to win the lovely pattern above. It's a very cute little dress with lots of variations. I went straight to my fabric stash (which consists of four pieces of usable fabric, and then lots of scraps!) and chose the cutesy flowery fabric. It'll need to be underlined, which I thankfully have fabric for. I've decided to go for the cape collar variation (the one on the left) and a simple gathered skirt, as I don't have enough for the pattern skirt. 
As for which size to go for, I'm not really sure. When we moved, I stress-ate and comfort-ate and gained back all the weight I'd lost going to the gym. What a waste of money! I'm still annoyed about that. I've now lost it again plus a bit more, by counting calories and changing how I eat (I now eat little but often during the day, and then a larger evening meal). I wish I'd done this before! This combined with a gym membership would have worked wonders. Ah well, live and learn I suppose. 
When I fitted my Chantilly (which I will finish today!!) I fitted it to be a bit too small. It now fits with a nice amount of ease. Woohoo! So I think I'll do the same thing with this dress, I'll fit it to be skin tight and by the time it's warm enough to wear it I should fit into it. Does this sound sensible? 
Right, a quick tidy up, then it's time to finish that hem!

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