Sunday, 15 August 2010

Bread and my new jacket pattern

So here is a photo of the bread that I baked on Tuesday. It went really well, and tasted amazing! There's nothing quite like homemade bread. We even had real butter! :) 

My dress is going well, it fits perfectly. I just need to add straps, and wash it so I can iron all the pleats nicely. There's also lots of marking on it in a water soluble bright blue fabric marker, so it certainly needs a wash, I can't be bothered to sponge off all those markings! 

I also have a new jacket pattern! It's this one. I think I'll make the one on the top left, but with the sleeves from the top right. I haven't made a jacket before, so I've been reading the instructions through lots to make sure I understand them. I've got as far as ironing the pattern pieces. Then I'll trace the pattern using baking parchment (its cheaper than proper pattern paper). Then comes the altering to fit! I haven't done this before either, so I hope it goes well :)
Jellybean x

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