Sunday, 8 August 2010

India's Backpack

My little sister has been asking me to make her a backpack for ages. Her birthday is coming up, so I thought it'd be a good idea to get it made for her birthday. 

Today, I finally finished the practice version. It's made from odds and ends of fabric that I had, so it doesn't match, the thread doesn't match, the fabric wasn't ironed, I didn't trim seam allowances or do anything to make it nice and neat, I just wanted a quick practice. 

As it turned out, it wasn't quick as I managed to lose my little bag full of thread, and so couldn't sew a stich for a day or two. I finally found my thread, and finished the practice backpack. 

I decided on a pocket on each side (though you can't really tell on the photo), there's a small pocket on the inside, and a button fastening. I gathered the top edge of the fabric so it tapers in at the top. I haven't decided whether I will do this in the actual backpack, or whether I will just cut the pieces out tapered. I also made the straps myself by folding a piece of fabric, and doing lines of stitching in rows, end to end. The inside is also lined. The whole thing needs to be neater, but at least I have some good experience now :)

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