Sunday, 19 December 2010

I'm learning to crochet!

Dom also got me a crochet kit :) I have to crochet 9 crochet squares (YouTube seems to call them granny squares), then join them together and attach it to the front of cushion.
Here's my first one:
It's so nice to do, though it does make my arm ache! I've wanted to learn since I was very little, since watching my Nanny Olive crochet what I seem to remember as a doily. I also remember a blanket made up of these crochet squares. You wouldn't believe my surprise when I recognised what I was meant to be crocheting :) I had to YouTube it before I realised what the instructions in my kit were telling me to do. I have a hard time visualising written instructions sometimes.
I'm onto my third square now, I'll post pictures of the finished cushion when its done :)
Jellybean x


  1. It looks good, very well done! I love your Flickr photostream too by the way :-)

  2. Thanks! :) haha, I love taking photo's, but mostly on film. I only ever use a digital camera to take the photo's for my blog (and Facebook of course!) :) x


Thanks for the comment!


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