Sunday, 19 December 2010

My First Necklace

I made my first necklace a while ago, and have only just got round to taking pictures! I made it with a kit that Dom got me for Christmas. Yep, we've already given each other our Christmas presents! :)
So here it is (excuse the bad focus, I couldn't get the camera to auto focus, Dom has probably been messing with settings. That or he's done it to make me learn to focus the damn thing properly!)
Red! I must make a red dress too :)
Close up of the lovely heart pendant.
Half blurry close up of the clasp. See my slightly wonky crimp beads?
I'm very happy with it and have worn it a few times already. It's a slight shock to the system when I first put it on, as the beads are so cold! I enjoyed making it too, threading beads it so relaxing.
The kit and the beads are from The Bead Gallery, to be found in Lincoln, down a side street on Main Street. They also have a  website so take a look!
For a closer look at the pictures, click em. They pop up in a nice light box thingy that Dom taught me to do :)
Jellybean x


  1. Very pretty!

    I've been making fashion lanyards with my bead collection (, but have to start repairing some jewelry and also want to create regular jewelry too. When I have time...

  2. Thank you :) Wow, I just checked them out, and they are absolutely gorgeous! :)
    Ah, if we only had enough time. . .
    Ashley x


Thanks for the comment!


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