Sunday, 19 December 2010

Ramble ramble

Since starting this blog I haven't done as many projects as I'd like. This is mostly because money was tight (I blame student finance! grr), and when it was finally sorted it was the end of November. And then of course there was Christmas presents to buy. So I have to wait till after Christmas before I can start buying fabric again.
And even then it isn't going to be for me! Not that I mind, as it's for my little sister Ebony's birthday :) I'm ordering the fabric to make her a Princess dress! Remember when I bought these patterns?

After Christmas, it'll finally be time to make it! I can't wait! I'm going to order the fabric from Fabricland, and get some muslin too as its to cheap! I'm thinking satin, as its to soft and smooth and princessy! I'm looking forward to picking out the different lace and ribbon! I'm thinking the pink one in the picture, with the criss cross ribbon on the bodice, and trimming the sleeves in lace of some kind. I was going to go for marabou like on the white one, but they've just got a kitten who is a crazy little thing, who chases your ankles if you walk past him.

He's called Crunchie. Isn't he cute?!
So I'm thinking anything too fluffy would be a bad idea. It will get attacked and Ebony will be sad. And a sad Ebony makes me sad. I'm sure I'll find something just as good.
Of course there will be pictures of the work in progress as I make progress. Her birthday is on the 18th of January, so it will be done by then. Or it had better be! I'll be taking it slowly, as I have three essays in for January too! And of course I'll update my measurements of her when I go home for Christmas.
And after that? Well, I guess I finally get to work on something for me! I haven't decided what yet, I've had a vintage pattern for ages now that needs grading down which I'm very tempted by. Or there's a reprint of a vintage pattern, but it needs an FBA which I'm finding difficult as it has gathers instead of darts. I also want to buy a pattern from Colette Patterns, which is Ceylon. I love this dress! I need it! It has gathers again, but I think Colette make their patterns for a C cup, so it may not be so bad.
Anyway, I'll stop rambling now :)
Jellybean x

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