Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bad sewing fairies!

The sewing fairies hate me today. I was happily sewing the lining and the shell together when the bobbin thread ran out! Then as I was filling the bobbin, I realised I had run out of thread :( With no other thread even half matching, I'll have to wait until tomorrow to pick some up. Or maybe even Tuesday as Mondays are super busy with lectures for me :(
On a happier note, I pre-washed my red silk crepe with success! I used Soak wash from The Little Knitting Company. I think they are selling off the stock they have and then won't get any more, as it would seem shipping liquids into the country is a no-no. I tried ordering from and it said it couldn't be delivered to my address. So once the Soak Wash runs out, if The Little Knitting Company doesn't have any more, I guess I'll have to use baby shampoo. I'm not sure if its because it's still wet, but washing it seems to have given it more of a sheen, which I'm happy about :)
If I can be bothered after tea, I'll iron and cut out the red cotton underlining (which I also pre-washed today) for my Sencha blouse. I might even do the black underlining too.
What do the bad sewing fairies do to you? Hide your scissors? Steal your new machine needles? Or something equally annoying?
Jellybean x

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