Friday, 18 February 2011

Marital Rating scale

You might have already come across this, but I thought I'd share it with you anyway :)
This a Marital Rating Scale from 1939. There is a scale for the wives and a scale for the husbands. Here's the first page of both:

Click on the picture to make it bigger so you can read it. I also found the rest of the scale uploaded by a Flikr user here. When viewing each image, right click and choose 'original'. This makes it plenty big enough to read :) I've just done the husbands one, and came out with 79! Very Superiour! lol Of course, some things like the ones to do with cars and children, I had to imagine. This is ok, I know Dom well enough after nearly 6 years to know if he'd let me use the car if I needed it! There are some very funny ones, and some in the demerits column that I don't mind so much. Have a read through, its really interesting, really gives you a feel for what a marriage was meant to be like in 1939!
Also, my Beignet is 99% done!! :D The skirt itself is finished, but I want to make a belt using Tilly's Bow Belt tutorial. Then of course there are the belt loops to do. Hopefully I'll get that done today, and it can go in the wash tonight to get rid of chalk marks and stuff. I'm hoping to wear it tomorrow, so will take pictures for you then :)
Jellybean x

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  1. That scale is hilarious! I particularly enjoyed 'putting cold feet on husband to warm them up' and 'wearing red nail polish'. What a hussy!

    Looking forward to seeing the skirt :)


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