Friday, 4 February 2011

Beignet muslin

Hurray, I got the Beignet muslin done! You'll have to excuse the scruffy t-shirt, and the fact that I thought it would be a good idea to fold down the seam allowance at the top of the skirt, only to find out when I looked at the pictures that I had folded it down waaaay too much, so all that beautiful shaping is lost. You'll just have to trust my judgement that it fits amazingly! I've done absolutely no alterations to this at all, its a straight size 12!! I must be average length in the waist to crotch, but short in the neck and waist, as the waist is right where it should be and so are the hips! :) Also, you can see I tried out the pockets. I've never done in-seam pockets before, so thought it a good idea to practice them.
I received my package from today! I now have the lining for the Beignet skirts, and the red silk crepe. The black silk crepe was apparently out of stock, but they'll send it when they have it (how long do you think is a reasonable time to wait?). Now that I have actually seen the crepe properly I love it but have discovered that you can see my bra through it. Not a good look for me! lol. So I'm going to nip to the market tomorrow to pick up some cotton fabric to underline it with. I want cotton, no polyester! I want this as a summer top as well as a winter top, which is why I went for silk as it breathes, so to underline with polyester would defeat the object. I'm also planning on picking up thread and buttons. I have a collection of various buttons, but either they just aren't right, or there aren't enough of them.
Then its onto the pre-washing! I plan on chucking it all in together (minus the silk) with a few Colour Catchers.
I can't wait to try out the Sencha blouse too :)
Jellybean x
ps. the red thing on my wrist is a new wrist pin cussion that I made tonight :)


  1. You're so good doing a muslin, I'm always too lazy! But the more I make the more patient I get so maybe I'll start making them in the future. It does fit beautifully, look forward to seeing the finished product! And good idea with trying out the pockets first, I had to do some on my first ever dress and ended up with the seam allowance inside the pocket, obviously only I know that it's there but it took me ages to work out how I'd managed to do it!

  2. For my first 3 dresses I wasn't so patient. I jumped in, cut the wrong size and didn't pay attention to seam allowances, didn't pay any attention to the fact that i might need to make fitting adjustments etc, and they were absolute disasters! Then money was tight (stupid student finance!) so I couldn't afford to sew for a while. Instead, I discovered loads of other sewing blogs. I think seeing the attention to detail that other bloggers paid to their garments inspired me to pay more attention to my sewing. I also discovered the FBA, and that I definitey needed one! lol. I think that break from sewing was just what I needed to make me much more patient!
    Oh no! like you say though, at least only you know they are there :)


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