Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Crescent skirt - detail shots

It seems every time I've tried to get some photos of me in the skirt the weather doesn't want to co-operate. Or like today, we forget the digital camera. So I thought I'd share some detail shots instead.
The zipper. Before the Crescent skirt I always wussed out on a machine zipper as I always managed to mess them up somehow. But I'm really happy with this one. It certainly not perfect, but it actually works which is an improvement! :)
Back waistband
Front waistband
Close up of the front point and top stitching
I ended up topstitching to secure the waistband, though I had planned on stitching in the ditch. However, I've never done it before and well, it looked crap. I kept slipping up onto the waistband so I ripped it out, and did the topstitching instead which I think I managed to do pretty neatly :)
Curved seam, and pretty neat topstitching :)
There's a pocket there somewhere, I swear!
Hem and lovely french seams :)
So I should hopefully have some proper photos of it soon :) Its meant to be sunny tomorrow, but my main problem is the wind. I'm not sure anybody wants to see my Luvees (or bloomers as Dom calls them). Yes, how glamorous right? lol
More later :)
Ashley x


  1. Lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing the skirt as a whole, and the red one as well (on which the lines will probably stand out a bit better, oui?)

  2. Thank you :) Especially with the lace on the red one. I've not made any progress on it though since my last update, but will probably spend Friday afternoon (after my last exam :D ) working on it. I can't wait to get sewing again!
    Ashley x

  3. It looks lovely Ashley :) hope you can get a pic of you wearing it soon!
    Hayley x

  4. Looks really good - beautifully finished Ashley, well done you!!

    S x

  5. You did a great job, sweetie, and you learned some new techniques. Can't wait to see you wear it!

  6. Yey it looks fantastic, well done! Your zip insertion looks so neat too...I am in awe as I botched mine up a bit, it's so fiddly! x

  7. Thank you :) Kat, I had to unpick it a couple of times from the facing as I forgot to account for the seam allowance! And I spent about an hour unpicking and re-doing the back seam as I'd forgotten to do it before putting in the zip so it kept going wonky! lol
    Ashley x


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