Sunday, 8 May 2011

Crescent Skirt Sew-along - Pockets!

I love the pockets on the Crescent skirt, so roomy :) I've only ever done in the seam pockets, so it was great to learn how to do these ones. I love this fabric more and more every time I get it out to work on it! 
I had to show a close up of the seam finishing! This is my favourite of the overcast stitches that my new machine can do. I'm really impressed with it! I'm going to pick up an overcast foot when I remember! :)

You can *just* about see the pockets. You get the idea, but red is a pain to photograph :) For the twill tape I used the selvage from the floral fabric as I haven't gotten round to picking some up yet. I get gross-grain ribbon which from what I can gather does the same thing. Though I've never actually asked if the haberdashery stall has stay tape or twill tape, so I'll ask before getting the ribbon. 
I'm not quite caught up yet, I need to stay stitch the centre and put in the gathering stitches. Oh and I still have to apply the interfacing.
Ashley x


  1. That's really sweet :) I wonder how it will look like on you

  2. love, love, love the flower fabric! Both of these will look so stunning!!!

  3. It is looking really good, looking forward to seeing it on. xx

  4. Thanks :) I really want to speed ahead as I can't wait for them to be finished, but Tasia's tips are so worth waiting for!
    Ashley x


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