Friday, 9 March 2012

The yarn pile

When Lianne mentioned on this post that she'd like to see my yarn pile, I thought 'Aha! A chance to pull it all out and take more photo's!' ;) I enjoy taking photo's of yarn, it stays still and doesn't complain when I take 20 shots to get the colour just right :)
I'm pleasantly surprised at how much there is, but at the same time I don't think there's that much of it. It's a 'stashlet' really.
I decided the best way would be to group it by weight with one big photo at the end :) But first here is the Malabrigo that I mentioned I got in my last post. 
I want a roomful of this yarn to roll about it. It is that soft and lovely.
So, the lace weight:
Sock yarns and 4ply (can you tell I like this weight?)
Onto the sport weight:

And the DK:
That Cygnet is a pain to photograph! You can see a better representation of the colour here.
And all of it together:
And so you can see the full extent, here are my six, yes, six WiPs (work in progress) :

So there you go! It's not huge, but every skein or ball is dearly loved and I have plans for most of them :)
I just realised I forgot to photograph the blanket I am working on. It's made from leftovers and skeins that I didn't know what to do with. I'll have to take a photo soon, it's an intentionally ugly knit ;)
Feel free to ask about any yarns you'd like to know more about, or if you're on Ravelry my stash page is here. I try to put in all the info I can, so if you're wondering what colour way a particular yarn is you can find it there :)
I've enjoyed pawing through my yarn for this post, and I hope you enjoyed seeing it :)
Ashley x
ps. In case you're wondering where I keep it, the yarn lives in a bag I made as a proto-type of a pattern I made myself ages ago. I lined it and even made a divider in the middle! I still have the pattern pieces, but now I can't remember how it goes together! I'm not a fan of the fabric (I got it from the market as something to practice with!), but it's thick and sturdy so keeps my yarn safe. I keep my WiPs in various little bags :) You can see the zip is bulging slightly, I struggled to get it closed!


  1. Peetee! That's how cats say "pretty." I love taking pictures of inanimate objects, too (our textile collection for example), because they hold still. I'm a birder, too, and they definitely do not do what you want...flitting away just when you've got the camera or binoculars focused. Grrr.

    But these yarns are all lovely & I cannot wait to see what you do with them.

  2. I'm giving you the Liebster, check out my blog x


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