Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Socks, gloves and a shawl

I didn't intentionally take a break from blogging, it just sort of happened! I've been working on finishing up some knitting projects, as having 6 (plus 2 long term) projects on the go wasn't fun. So I'm now down to 3! The long term ones don't properly count ;) So here are the projects I've managed to finish:
This is an Ishbel shawl by Ysolda Teague, made in Botany Lace by Araucania. I'm not sure how to wear it. I like it a lot more than I thought I would before I blocked it. Here it is before blocking:
It was all rumpled and bumpy. And it grew a lot!! Before blocking it was 39 by 13 inches. After blocking (and a little shrinkage) it is 57 by 16 inches! It's a nice size for wearing around my neck like a scarf, but it doesn't show off the lace as much as I'd like.
I also finally finished Dom's socks. He's was very happy to put them on today, as it's very windy and rainy.

He says that they're very comfy :) The pattern is Manly Aran socks from the Toe up socks for everybody book. The yarn is Superba 100 Klassik 4-fadig by Rico Design. It's a very good sock yarn, and relatively cheap too. Lucky for me, Dom doesn't like his socks super long so once I was past the heel there wasn't much further to go :) Oh and the background is some fabric I bought last week for a summer dress when it was lovely and warm. I think I jinxed it! 
And lastly, the gloves. These are the Fiddler's mitts by Ysolda Teague from the book My Grandmother's knitting. I used Excelana 4ply yarn, and I really like it :) The photo shows them before blocking, and you can see where the colour work isn't as smooth as it could be. They're currently drying, I just soaked them for a bit and smoothed them flat to dry. They look much better, so I should hopefully have some blocked photos soon :)
I hope they're dry by tomorrow so I can wear them into town to meet a friend. They should keep me warm enough :) I'm also getting my hair cut tomorrow and I'm planning on a shorter cut. I'm still not entirely certain about it, but we'll see :)
Ashley x


  1. WOW! All your knits are gorgeous, but I'm particularly impressed with your colourwork on the lovely!!!

    1. Thanks! :) If you do colour work inside out, it helps to keep the floats nice and even and not too tight!

  2. I bought a knitting book because of you and dragged my yarn out of storage. You're so inspiring. The book is Head to Toe Knits and it's got this beautiful raspberry frilly shawl in it but I'm first going to make a pair of slipper socks for the house, then a wool roving bed blanket and then I might feel proficient enough to tackle a shawl to the same standard you do.

    1. That's wonderful!! The book sounds great :)
      Thank you for such a lovely comment! :)

  3. So much beautiful knitting! I love my Ishbel shawl, though I was initially a bit disappointed with it for being a bit too "plain". It works really well with the point worn at the front and the ends brought round the neck and tucked under - really cosy!

    1. Thanks :) I know what you mean, but blocking really brings it out. The weather has been funny lately, so I haven't gotten to wear it yet. It folds up quite small though, so I think I'll stick in my handbag next time I go out. Just in case! :)


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