Friday, 17 June 2011

An award!

Sarah over at ShabbyChicSarah passed on the Kreativ Blogger Award to me! Thanks Sarah! :D So now for 10 random facts about me . . . This is gonna be tough!
1. I actually have green eyes though in most photos of me they look blue.
2. My mum taught me to knit years ago, but she didnt know how to cast on so we twisted loops around the needle instead, and she didn't know how to cast off so I just undid it and started again!
3. I'm a coffee and tea snob. We've just bought a hand grinder so we can grind our own coffee beans and are the proud owners of a Gaggia Classic coffee machine. I love it to bits, and now can't stand the smell or taste of instant coffee. I also drink loose leaf tea from a fancy infuser teapot. Lincoln is home to The Imperial Tea Company so we head there for tea and coffee. It's a family run business and they're all really friendly and helpful :)
4. My Auntie Laura taught me to cross stitch when I was about 9 or 10ish, and I loved it! I looked forward to seeing my auntie even more as I couldn't wait to get onto the next colour of thread! :)
5. I own three cameras, all film cameras. I have a polaroid camera, a Diana mini and a Pentax (P30). Though at the minute I'm using Dom's Lomo LCA with a splitzer on it. I'm shooting the left side of the frame. Then when I've gone through the film, Dom will shoot the right side of the frame! :)
6. My favourite chocolate bar is a caramel kitkat chunky :)
7. I have small feet. I'm a size 4! At least there's usually my size left.
8. I have two brothers and two sisters, I'm the eldest. My youngest sister is very proud of the fact that she looks like me (poor thing! lol) and likes to make 'clothes' out of newspaper and selloptape, and is always making me bracelets and other jewellery type things :)
9. I'm also quite short. I was the tallest in my class for years, then everyone else had growth spurts and I didn't! lol
10. I don't like to hold small animals. Like rats, mice, rabbits, hamsters etc. I think it's because I don't see them as very clever so I'm scared they'll bite me for no reason. Whereas I see dogs and cats as quite clever so I don't think they'd bite me for no reason. Weird, I know.

I always find thinking of things so difficult! I'd like to pass this award on to:
Kat from Krafty Kat
Pins and Needles
Roo from Roobeedoo
Suzy from Suzy Sewing

Thanks again Sarah! :) I should have some more knitting photos to show you all later. I have to admit to you lovely lot that I haven't done any sewing since my exams finished!!  What is wrong with me?! I need to get my ass in gear. lol
Ashley x


  1. Oh crikey! Thank you!
    I might not get to this for a while, with MMJ coming out of my ears, but thank you!:)

  2. You're welcome! :) I want to try and participate in a Me Made challenge, maybe next year (or the year after! lol) I might have enough! :)
    Ashley x

  3. Ohh, thank you for such lovely award! Thrilled to have been chosen!

  4. Oooh thank you so much! :D I love your answers especially the one about the knitting, it made me giggle! x

  5. You're both very welcome :) I love reading other peoples facts so I try to make mine as interesting as I can :)
    Ashley x


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