Friday, 10 June 2011

Toe up socks!

I had the first half of my knitting class last night at Spins and Needles! There were six students, and the lovely teacher Sara :) Everyone was really lovely, and Sara was an excellent teacher. When I read through the first page I almost panicked as I thought I was way out of my depth! I couldn't even figure out how to cast on! You use the figure of eight method so that there is no seam at the toe. Luckily, no one else had ever used this method before either :) I was the first to get the casting on, but once everyone had it sussed they soon caught up and overtook! I've never knitted with anyone else before, and I discovered I'm relatively slow. We have homework for next Thursday, we have to knit the foot until we get to the heel. Then Sara will show us how to turn the heel in the class :) Here's my progress so far, I need another inch or so:
The top of the foot. 
The bottom of the foot. 
The top and bottom don't look that different in the photos, but they are. The bottom is ribbed once you get past the toe. This is so it has a better grip on your foot. The needles are Brittany needles, which are lovely to knit with. I'm planning on slowly replacing my current needles with Brittany needles as I love them so much! The yarn is Cygnet Superwash, shade 298. I love the colour and they're going to be so warm as they're 100% wool! :)
Also, look what arrived today!
Isn't that notepad amazing?! It came wrapped in tissue paper tied with that lovely lace from Nina from The Vintage Family. I won her giveaway, my second win! How lucky am I?! :) I'm going to use the notepad to record the adjustments I make to patterns. Usually I use a scrap of paper, and although I now have my drawers I still manage to lose it! And recording adjustments fits in with the background on the notepad :)
Ashley x


  1. Looking good Ashley!!

    I wondered if Brittany make double point needles, I have carpal tunnel syndrome and the Brittany needles are much easier on my hands....

    S x

  2. I would love to make socks but I hate knitting with dpn. They are so frusturating!

  3. I also have some bamboo dpns which are meant to be gentle on the hands. I really like them :) Aww, Kat that's a shame! I actually like knitting with dpns. It is a pain at first though, trying to work out which needle is next without getting twisted is so hard!
    Ashley x


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