Saturday, 18 June 2011

Rainbow scarf - Finished!

I love how simple and colourful this scarf is. The yarn is Colinette One Zero, in the colour way jamboree. It'll be lovely and warm in the winter. I love the tassels too :) I've also finished my first toe up sock! I'll take photos when I've finished the pair :)
Ashley x


  1. great scarf and looking forward to seeing the socks. x

  2. The scarf looks fab, it'll definitely brighten up a winters day!!

    I finished my socks too, am now doing a hat for Mr Grumpy on DPN's. Using chunky as I started a DK one and it was waaaaaaaay too s-l-o-w for me!!

    S x

  3. Thank you both :) I love using chunky yarn too, but I do also enjoy fine yarns. I know it works up slow, but sometimes I enjoy that.
    Ashley x


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