Thursday, 1 September 2011

August - Finished projects

I actually finished a sewing project this month! I also completed my most complex knitting project yet, the tam/beret. I've almost finished the second matching glove too! 
I want to start the hour of sewing a day again, and to try and actually keep it up this time. My main problem is getting up late. I turn the alarm off and go back to bed, and the alarm doesn't usually wake Dom up so he can't make me get up either. I know, lazy! lol But today we got up at 6 so that we could be ready for the maintenance man to bring us our freezer. It can be here as early as 8, and I'd rather not be in bed when he got here! I like being up this early, but I hate actually getting out of bed. 
So yes, the goal for this month is to get up early and try and keep up the hour a day! :)
Ashley x


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