Sunday, 4 September 2011

Circle skirt - finished!

Yay I finished it! I measured the hem when I was done, and it was about 5 metres! Unfortunately I probably won't get to wear it till next year now, as summer seems to be over. I'd feel silly wearing such a summery print and colour when it was cloudy and chilly!
I actually used a pattern for this as I couldn't be bothered to draft my own, and there was a sale when I got it. I used M5811, it's great :) I like the length on it, it's quite long but still nice and cool for when its hot. 
You may have noticed you only get one photo today and even that doesn't have my face in it properly. I just could not get a decent photo of myself today. I'm not particularly photogenic normally, but today they all just came out weird! lol
My next project will be my most challenging yet I think. But more on that soon :)
Ashley x


  1. Circle skirt looks fab, looking forward to see whats next!

  2. 5 metres?! Now that's what I call a circle! Wow! :D

  3. Oooh pretty :) I think this would look great with coloured tights, so you could definitely get some autumn/spring wear out of it this way! Also I love the shoes, very cute! x


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