Sunday, 13 November 2011

Half way there!

I just posted my fourth handmade Christmas gift over at the Crafty Christmas Club! :) This is the half way mark for me, and I'm excited to get on with more. Because then of course, I can start knitting for me again! And I might even squeeze some sewing in there too ;)
The link is here. Just a quick warning, but it may not be safe for work. So be careful who you open it around!
I'm also starting to think of uses for the bag of dried lavender I've had for a while now. I'm thinking of using the fat quarters that I won in a giveaway to make mini lavender cushions. They'd be great for popping in with the knitted gifts! Plus, I'll get to use up some of the lavender as there's way too much for Dom and I to use. 
Also, this week I finished an essay that isn't due in until the 12th of December!! I feel so organised! I've got another essay in for the same date, and then I need to do some research for my dissertation. Then I have another essay in for the 12th of January. But, I'm feeling pretty confident I can do it with minimal stress if I start now :) I might even get it all done before Christmas, so I don't have to worry about it. That would be lovely!
Ashley x

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