Tuesday, 1 November 2011

October - Finished Projects

This month has been a month of finishing knitting projects, so I can start on my Christmas presents. The only sewing that went on was falling out with my Pendrell dress! lol The poor thing.
I also finished two Christmas presents! The first is here, I've shared this link before. But the second I only posted today, although I finished it yesterday :) It's here. I'm really pleased with it! 
How did you spend Halloween? We spent it watching Jumanji and eating sweets. Yes, Jumanji is still scary ;)
Ashley x


  1. We had a Harry Potter Halloween marathon. Watched all but the one that hasn't come out on DVD yet. Don't feel bad about your lack of sewing, I'm not sure if I've had much this last month either, but I'm hoping for a sewathon/sweatshop this month because I have lots of things that need making. :-)

  2. Oh that sounds really fun!! I love Harry Potter :) I bet it was really cute watching the actors grow up through the films too!
    Ooh, a sewathon sounds like a great idea :)
    Ashley x

  3. Wow, your knitting skills are AMAZING!!

    I must have a go at Bella's mittens, I love, love, love Twilight (much more than any 39 yr old should!!)

    S x


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