Sunday, 6 November 2011

Just a quick hello

Just a quick post, to say I've got another post up at the Crafty Christmas Club! If you're family or a close friend, step away from the link!
It's here. I really like this one, the colour is gorgeous :)
Also, I have discovered the joys of the uni library. I spent 4 hours there yesterday, and managed to do 800 out of 2500 words of an essay!! And it isn't due in for 5 weeks!! How organised am I? :D I find I work much better when away from home as there's nothing else to do but work :)
And because it's too pretty not to share, I bought some yarn the other day:
It's Botany Lace, and is sooooo soft! :) It's a good incentive to get cracking on more Christmas knitting!
Ashley x


  1. Oh the colours in that new yarn are just gorgeous! What have you got planned for that?

  2. I'm thinking a shawl, or maybe a lacy scarf. But I'm not sure on a pattern yet. Plenty of time to decide beofre I get to work with it :)
    Ashley x


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