Saturday, 28 January 2012

Chantilly - fitting

Look!! Actual sewing has taken place! Well, kind of, it is only a muslin/toile but still! Please excuse the tummy ;) It's quite snug, but that's what I aimed for what with the weight loss/gym thing. (As a side note, my first weigh in was last Wednesday, and I lost a pound and a total of 5 inches!). 
On to the fitting! I came up with a cunning plan for the fitting. As the yoke is completely separate, I cut the size 6 so it would fit my shoulders. Then I cut a 6 for the armholes and graded out to a 12 (yep, 3 whole sizes bigger and it's still snug! Ick!). It worked pretty well!
The front fits really well I think. I wasn't sure if it was a little tight across the chest but Dom says he thinks it's ok. Opinions please? Bearing in mind that when I lose weight, it comes off my boobs a little too. As I said, it's snug across the waist but I'm ok with that for now. 
The back needs a tuck taken out horizontally. Dom pinned it out for me and I need to tuck out about an inch. Apart from that I think it's ok. Once I've taken the tuck out of the back bodice piece, I'm happy to start on the real thing :) (Unless you think I should add a little width across the bust?)
This is such a pretty pattern! I absolutely love it, and I think I'll be making more for summer dresses :)
Ashley x


  1. Looking good Ashley and what lovely muslin fabric you're using! I don't think you need to adjust the front considering your weight loss plan and what you've lost so far!

    1. Thanks :) I think I'll leave it be then. Haha, it's our old worn out bed sheets! It was from Argos, not sure if they still do it.

  2. Hi Ashley, from what I can see, it looks ok at the front to me :) I really like your muslin fabric by the way...a striped chantilly, now there's a thought! I agree this looks great for summer. Have you chosen your fashion fabric yet?

    1. Thanks :) It's our old bed sheets! lol But I do think the stripes look pretty cool.
      Yes, it's the fabric from this post:
      :) I just need thread and a zipper. Talking of zippers, I ordered an invisible zipper foot last night! Eek!

  3. I think the bust should be OK especially if you're anticipating weight loss there - you don't want to end up with baggy boobs.

    I'm wondering whether you could do with somehow pinching out a bit at the front of the armscye though? It's hard to tell as obviously you'll lose 5/8" through seam allowance. Could you baste that under and re-photo? And maybe show us a picture of the back tuck pinned (if you haven't taken it out already!)?

    Congratulations on the weight loss - you must be really going at it!

    1. Yeah, definitely don't want baggy boobs! :)
      I'm going to check the armscye by cutting the seam allowance off. I hadn't noticed, but you're right. Damn, I've taken the pins out already! I've marked on the pattern where needs to be tucked though. I'm not sure on how to take it out though. I'm thinking of slashing and overlapping, then true-ing the centre back line. It's cut on the fold so it needs to be straight, but I need the length at the sides still. Hmm. I think it's going to require a second muslin of the back piece. I'll take a photo of it when it's done :) (and of the front with seam allowances removed).
      Thanks, I am definitely going for it. It got to the point where Dom would ask if I was going to the gym today, and when I said yes he'd grin in a knowing way. lol I've settled on 4 days a week now. Though I'm tempted to go for 5. But I don't want to rush things and end up tiring myself out.
      Also, a sneaky weigh in this morning (Wednesday is supposed to be my weekly weigh in day) suggests good things this week too! :D

    2. It looks as though things are fitting fine at the underbust line, so as a first attempt I think I'd probably try coming in by however much you need where the bodice meets the yoke, then curving out a deeper armscye (ending at the same point where it meets the side seam).

      Does that make sense? Do you have a French curve? I should add a disclaimer that the above is pure instinct, not advanced study in 'wrinkle reading'.

    3. And maybe shave a sniff off the top bodice side seam as well, tapering down to nothing at the underbust?


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