Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What zip? And a story about my nan

Zip? What zip? There's no zip here! Ok, ok, there is, but it's my very first invisible zip!! The Chantilly calls for an invisible zip and I thought it was about time I learnt. I LOVE them!! And the invisible zip foot is so clever. What makes my first invisible zip foot even better is that it's still invisible even though the zip is navy and the fabric is red :)
You might notice there is no Month review today. That's because the only project I finished was the Stockholm scarf and I haven't taken a photo of it yet. The big thing this month was the return of the sewing mojo!
Moving on. . . It was the monthly Stitch 'n' Bitch at Spins and Needles on Monday night and Sarah was having a sale! So I took some spending money. . .

I have vague plans for these, but they'll probably change as I change my mind. 

Today is also 12 years since we lost my Nan. I was 8 years old and I'd never lost anybody before. It hurts like nothing else. She taught me to sew, you know. She'd let me turn the handle on her hand crank Singer. She made her own dresses, and would make me a matching dress from the scraps. She made me dressing up costumes too. 
I have the last piece of sewing she ever did. The weekend before she died, we went to see her just like we always did. I had a magazine with me, you got a teddy bear with it with the fabric all marked and ready to make it an outfit. I couldn't work it out myself, so nan hand sewed it for me. I can see her now, sewing a navy and white stripy nightgown for this teddy bear with light brown thread. I love that nightgown. It's tucked away safe at my mums. Looking at it now, I can see how ill she was. The stitches are loose and slightly uneven. She must have felt so ill, but she did it for me anyway. 
I stopped collecting the magazine soon after she died. I had a couple more outfits to make, but it wasn't until I was 11 or 12 that I finally felt like sewing them up. 
I like to think she'd be proud of my sewing and knitting. I think she'd like that my choice of hobby is influenced so much by her. I miss her lots.
Thanks for reading, I needed to share that.
Ashley x


  1. I'm sure she would be very proud. My nan died when I was 12 and I never talked about it to anybody, I wish I had now. Think fondly of her today. x

  2. That is a lovely story. Thank you for sharing.

    I lost the last of my grandparents 3.5 years ago, and I was still crying over him the other day. My biggest regret is that he never got to meet J, as we first got together in the few months which followed. But I know he'd've liked him.

    I guess that these people are still living on in us though - and in the things that they taught us :-)

    PS. Nice zip!

    1. What a beautiful song! I love choirs. I used to go to church with my nan on a Sunday, and the singing was always my favourite bit.
      I know what you mean. I'd love for her to meet Dom, I just know she'd love him. She'd want to feed him up! Nobody could leave her house without being fed from the massive pot of curry on the stove.
      Thanks, but you just know the real thing is going to horribly wrong! Sods law!

  3. Your Nan would be so proud of you and all your creativity! We lost my Grandad last year and what really helped me (and still does) is to concentrate on all the good times and happy memories that we had - I know this is what he would have wanted us to do, rather than be sad.

    Also, your invisible zip is awesome, I have yet to try one!

    1. Thanks Kat :) I like to go through all of my memories of her, as I don't want to forget any. Sometimes something will remind of something about her and it's lovely to be reminded :) And videos! I'm do thankful we had a video camera. She had a wonderful laugh.
      Thanks, they're not as hard as they look! The invisible zipper foot practically does the work for you!

    2. Yeah, until relatively recently I was trying to install them with a regular zipper foot. It did sort of work, but a)basting first and b) using the proper foot made it sooo much easier!

  4. Very nice zipper installation!

    Isn't it amazing how even after a long time the people who mean something still can make your heart sad. I lost my grandma when I was 8--almost 20 years ago now, but I still think of her often. My grandpa (her husband) passed a couple of years ago, and I still have to choke back tears when someone mentions him. I'm sure that your nan is proud of you, and you have lots of good memories of her. :-)

    1. Thanks :)
      I think of her every time I see the Singer logo on my sewing machine. I associate Singer with her so strongly, I loved her machine :)

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss Ashley, but it's lovely to have such wonderful memories of your nan. She would/is definitely proud f all your creativity!

    Good work on the invisible zipper front too, it's totally hidden!


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