Thursday, 2 February 2012

Chantilly - fitting #2

I've cut the seam allowances away from the waist and armholes. Lucy was right, I need to pinch out a little from the arm hole. I've transferred this to the pattern piece. Now here's the back before:
And after:
Much much better! But still not perfect. Hmm. Any ideas on those diagonal wrinkles under my arms? I think part of the problem is the darts, as the tuck I took out made the darts point towards the seam line. I've fixed this on the pattern piece so the darts are now parallel to the side seam as they were before. I also think it might be because the neckline part of the back piece is now angled downwards. So I've added a little height back to the centre back neckline and smoothed the line out.
I'm going to muslin the back again with these changes, but before I do that does anyone have any idea what could be causing those wrinkles? The changes I made were just guess work. 
Ashley x
p.s. Yesterday was weigh in day. I lost 0.8lbs and a total of 2.5 inches. Also, the waist on the Chantilly muslin isn't as super snug :)

Update After doing some googling, it seems adding a little height to the centre back was the right thing to do. I came across several sources that said diagonal wrinkles from the underarm to centre back indicate there is not enough length between the neck and the waist. So. . . another muslin is order!


  1. Wow, it does look so much better after your adjustments, I wish I knew where to beging with pattern adjustments, how did you learn?

    S x

    1. Hi Sarah :) Mostly through trial and error. I start with Fit for real people, and if I can't find the answer in there I go to google. For example, for the wrinkles on the back in this post I googled something like 'diagonal wrinkles under arm to back' and found the answer pretty quickly. Sometimes, there's no specific adjustment and you just need to pinch out the excess.
      It just takes practice. You'll eventually recognise what the problem is and how to fix it. Or if you don't know how, there's always other bloggers who are happy to help and give advice :)


Thanks for the comment!


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