Sunday, 19 February 2012

Chantilly - fitting #3

The wrinkles from before are much better. Still there, but much better. I think with the weight of a full gathered skirt, they won't be very noticeable. I'm happy with the back now. Especially considering what I started with
I was all excited to get started tonight, when I remembered I haven't washed the fashion fabric! This might not seem like much of a problem to most of you, I can just pop it in now and it'll be ready later right? Nope. As we're in student accommodation, we have to use the on site laundrette. We usually do our washing early in the morning as no one else does. Trying to find an unoccupied washer at this time of day is impossible! So it'll have to wait till morning. I can start on the lining tonight though, as it's polyester so doesn't need pre-washing :)
Also, I'm making a spinach and cheese flan tonight with cheesey pastry! Yum! :)
Ashley x

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  1. The back is much better! Alterations are a pain but worth the effort (not that I always practice what I preach!)


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