Monday, 17 October 2011

A Crafty Christmas Post!

I posted my Crafty Christmas list over at the Crafty Christmas blog! If you've clicked over here from Facebook and are a close friend or family member, do not click the following link!! You'll spoil the surprise! 
For the rest of my lovely readers, my post is here :)
A little update on my Pendrell dress. I've sewn up the shell. However, I'm getting major creasing at the back! I think the zip is a bit stiffer than the one I used in the muslin, so it's causing it to crease and wrinkle. I'm going to move it to the side. The bust fullness is still too low even though I thought I'd moved it up enough. And there is too much fabric around my tummy. Grrr!! This isn't supposed to happen after two muslins!! *sigh* I'll get there.
Ashley x


  1. I feel your pain. The more I tweak something, the less it seems to work. Hang in there, you'll get it.

  2. As always, I love everything you're doing Ashley. Crafty Christmas Club is a fantastic idea. I love making presents for people.

    Lisa xoxo

  3. Thank you both :) I think I've got it!
    Ashley x


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