Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Rosebud socks - Finished!

Yes!! I finally finished them! I started these at the end of June, had problems with my gauge and had to order bigger needles, got a blister on my finger from the needles which then split, and worked on other projects instead. So these socks took a long time to finish. They're worth it in the end though, as they're so pretty! :) I'm considering wearing over tights with a dress and some pumps to show them off! 
So the pattern I used was the Rosebud sock pattern in the book Toe up socks for everybody by Wendy Johnson. It's a lovely book and I want to make every single pair in it! My only problem is the gauge. The pattern says 8 stitches per inch on 2mm needles. I went up to 2.25mm needles and still only got 9/10 stitches per inch. I decided to go ahead and knit them on the 2.25mm anyway, but I do wish I had gone up another needle size. The yarn is Ranco Araucania which is lovely. The colour is amazing, and it feels hard wearing but soft. I haven't washed them yet, but I'll report back when I do. I'm hoping to get a little extra width by blocking. 
I'm wearing them now, and they're so warm! :)
Ashley x
ps. don't forget to click the photos so you can see the detail! ;)


  1. wow they're gorgeous! I did click and look closely at the detail, they're really, really good! Just remember to take them off long enough to wash them at some point :-P lol

  2. They look so warm and comfy! I love the colour too. I met a little old lady at the farmers markets the other weekend and she told me there is nothing better than hand made socks!

  3. Wow, they are amazing!! So intricate!! How on earth do you have the concentration? I am doing a scarf with a leaf lacy edge and every other leaf is a cock up!!

    While I'm here, how are you getting on with your new machine? Would you recommend it? Thinking of Christmas!!

    S x

  4. Thanks everybody! :) Kat the little old lady was right, perfect for cold winters :)
    SarahB, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my machine!! I've not found anything I don't like about it. I've had no tension problems whatsoever. I've broken a couple of needles, but they've always been my fault *blush*. In fact, anything that's gone wrong has been user error! But its always been obvious what I've done wrong, so it's easy to fix. And she runs so smooth and lovely :) Go for it!
    Ashley x


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