Sunday, 2 October 2011

Pendrell Dress - part 3

Here's the second muslin of my Pendrell dress. It's much better, the only problem now (apart from the hastily pressed seams over my tummy) is the bagginess under the bust. Hmm, I complained about it to Dom as he was taking the photo, and he said it looked like if I pulled it up over my chest it would be fine. So . . .
Ahh! The bust fullness was in the wrong place! So I measured how much I had to move it up by and have transferred that to the paper pattern. I'm glad Dom spotted it, as I was just going to pinch the extra fabric out, but it turned out I need it! I knew I kept him for a reason ;)
I also measured the centre back seam on my inspiration dress and then measured the centre back on the Pendrell. The difference was 5.5 inches so I added 1.5 inch to account for the hem. This gives me a little extra length to play with too if I want it. So I've lengthened the pattern pieces by 7 inches and also tapered them out to roughly match the skirt of my inspiration dress. Then I ran out of tissue paper. . .
So tomorrow I'm going to pick up some more tissue paper and draft a collar. I'm also considering an exposed zipper. My inspiration dress has a metal exposed zipper, and I love the look. And I haven't learnt a new skill like that in a while. I guess it depends on whether the haberdashery stall even has metal zippers! I think I'll look online. I'm also going to trace new front pieces as they're very hard to pin in their current sticky taped state!
I hope you're all enjoying your weekend :)
Ashley x


  1. lol Impressed it was your man that spotted that! Clever fix :-)

  2. Your man has good eyes! Can't wait to see this dress finished, I think it's going to look really pretty.

  3. Apologies for not commenting in a while, I have been reading but things have been a bit hectic!!

    You're so clever to be able to address your fitting issues with patterns, I'm hopeless at it but seeing your posts inspires me to give it another try (just as you inspired me to keep at the knitting and I can do that now!!)

    S x

  4. Thank you all! He does have his uses ;)
    Aww, Sarah that's so lovely! Keep trying, you'll get there eventually! It can be *very* frustrating, especially when you have to do several muslins just for one pattern. But I think I'm going to love this dress so I don't mind spending the extra time on it, as then I can use the pattern again and again! :) Good luck!
    Ashley x


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