Saturday, 1 October 2011

September - Finished projects

It's October already?! Wow. September went by in a crazy blur, in which I didn't really manage to grab any time to sew much. You might notice my Rosebud socks aren't up there. I'm still knitting away at them, I'm now on the leg of the second sock. I'm going to finish it before starting any Christmas knitting. I'm also planning on working on my Pendrell dress muslin today. We'll see if I can grab the time for me to do that. I actually woke up this morning thinking it was Friday and was kind of dreading my Understanding the Policy Process lecture. Yep, that module is supposed to be my child studies module. They're passing it off as child studies by saying we can use policies to do with children. Humph. I then realised it was Saturday and that I'd already sat through the lecture. Yay! 
It's also Dom's 21st birthday this month!! It's on a Sunday and we're not into clubbing (at all!) so I think the plan is a take away, then maybe going somewhere for a quiet drink. Or getting one of those fancy cheese boards and some wine. Cos we're just that exciting ;) And we like cheese and wine. Nom!
It's also been HOT this week. Seriously, hotter than summer was. I've been so glad for my new clothes, they're so much cooler than jeans are! Even with tights and a light jacket! I'm eager for a new dress to add to my wardrobe so I'm using this as my motivation to get that Pendrell dress muslin done. 
So how was your month? Good I hope! :)
Ashley x

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