Saturday, 10 December 2011


I made these using the leftovers from my cable stitch wristwarmers. The pattern is from the book Brave New Knits, which Dom got me for my birthday :) It's a lovely pattern, not too difficult but with pretty results. I like the yarn, but it's not the best choice for this pattern. I wanted to use up the yarn while using a pattern form the book because Dom thought I didn't like it as I hadn't knit anything from it yet. So if I make them again, I'll choose something a bit more solid, so the pattern stands out more. I'll definitely use them though, as they're perfect for taking to the library while I work. It is cold in there! My Ravelry project page is here :)
Also the yarn made my nose itch. I think I hold my knitting too close to my face so stray fibres got up my nose. Bleugh!!
I have two essays due on Monday. I've had them both finished for about 3 weeks (yay!). I was going to start my essay that's due in January this weekend, but I figure the library will be busy with lots of last minute students doing their essays due in for Monday. So I'm going to wait till Tuesday, and spend the weekend relaxing. I also want to do a bit of work on my dissertation before I go home for Christmas, so there's that to do as well. So a weekend off will be lovely :)
Ashley x


  1. My goodness, you are organised. I like to think that that would had have been me at university had illness not got in the way, but in reality...

    Still, enjoy your weekend off with the satisfaction of a job well done :-)

  2. Thanks, this is the first time I've actually managed to stick to getting work done early. Going to the library has really helped. There's nothing else to do there except work, whereas I get distracted at home ;)
    I'm sorry about your illness. That must've sucked :(
    Ashley x

  3. It did, and it still does, but that's life... :-)

    I just got bored in the library, and there were too many other people about for me to be able to concentrate. Plus, I only really had incentive to use it in my fourth and final year because, well - until then, the way of working for Maths is just so different from a lot of subjects. [/massive tangent]

  4. Yeah, I always found revision for maths exams really hard because there's just no easy to do it. I liked maths, I just hated the exams. And I only understood what they taught us, I couldn't really apply it anything else.
    We use statistical tests a lot in psychology, and I love doing them by hand with a small data set. I like following the steps of the equations through. It's kind of soothing.
    Yeah, massive tangent! lol
    Ashley x

  5. Very cute! I'm impressed you are so organised with your essays - if only my students were the same! You deserve a relaxing weekend ;)

  6. I love your foxgloves; they are so dainty and look great on your pretty little hands!

    Good luck with your papers and dissertation work and enjoy the intervening weekend!

    Hand-calculated statistics? Nah, SASS rules!


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