Saturday, 3 December 2011


I bought this yarn at the Lincoln Christmas market on Thursday night :) There was a section of the market called the Medieval market, where everything had a medieval theme to it. The yarn was spun and dyed by the lady selling it! And it was the very first stall we went to :) It made me giggle because Dom saw it before I did, but he didn't say anything as he knew I'd be excited. When I went over to it, the lady's husband saw me looking. All of the vendors were dressed in Medieval style clothing, so it was particularly funny when he smiled and said 'Adding to the hoard?' because he looked like he belonged in the game World of Warcraft! :) (In WoW there are two sides that you can play as, the good side is the Alliance, and the evil side is the Horde). It's 300 yards of DK weight pure wool. It's soft, but also has a nice roughness. And it smells like sheep. But I kind of like that. There's something wonderful about knitting with a sheepy earthy yarn :)
There was also a stall selling jerky, made the traditional way. They had some tofu jerky, which was very tasty (a bit too tasty for my liking). Dom bought some, and it was gone within half an hour when we got home! They also sold something called 'fruit leather'. This was delicious, and we'll definitely be ordering from their website! Nom! I might also have some photos to share soon that Dom took, as I didn't take a digital camera :)
Also, I finished my little sisters Christmas present today! Both of my sisters asked for the same thing, some ear warmers like they had seen in a shop. But in their favourite colours. So here is Ebony's, in her favourite colour!
Yes, I am fully aware she's going to look ridiculous but it's what she asked for! I'm not sure what it's meant to be, but I'm sure Ebony can decide :) It's Cascade 220, and the pattern is simply an inch of ribbing, 2 inches of stockinette, and another inch of ribbing. And of course pom poms. I hate making the damn things, so tedious. I worked out how many stitches to cast on from my gauge and Ebony's head measurement. It's got an inch of negative ease, so should be a nice fit. Especially since her head is the same size as mine, and it fits me fine. No, there is no photographic evidence of this thing on my head ;P
Ashley x


  1. Hooray for handspun - it really is the best! So... will you be taking up spinning? I really want to try it. And it might not be to your taste but the pink pompom band will be worn and loved, which is all anyone could hope for a handmade present!

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she'll love it! :)
    Oh I'd love to!! I'm just not sure where I'd keep a spinning wheel! Though I've heard you can spin with a spindle? :S And they're supposed to be portable so can't be too big right? Hmm ;)
    Ashley x

  3. Oooh, lovely yarn!! My Mum used to spin her own yarn and knot the most amazing Nordic style jumpers with reindeer and everything for my Dad.

    You've been so busy with the gifts, all my time lately was taken up with the Advent swap and I hadn't planned on making anything for my family as they all seemed a bit less than enamoured with my efforts last year, but now my Mum informs me she is hoping lots of handmade things *rollseyes*!!

    S x

  4. Wow, that sounds amazing!! :)
    Haha, typical eh? I'm also thinking of baking something yummy as gifts, but I'm not sure. We'd probably end up eating it ourselves before it was gifted! lol
    Ashley x


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