Thursday, 1 December 2011

November - Finished Projects

It's December already?! We opened our advent calenders this morning!! (Thanks mum :) And yes, we are 20 and 21 years old and we still have advent calenders) I also finished 4 Christmas presents this month! You can see them herehere and here.
I also made progress on my Pendrell dress :) I've started getting the collar together. Then I hit a slight technical hitch, the collar somehow doesn't reach centre back (I did it two pieces). I'm not sure where my calculations were off, but after thinking about it I'm just going to go ahead with it anyway. I don't have enough fabric to cut another, and it's not that big a gap. Plus I have long hair so it won't be that visible ;)
Also, today is the start of the Lincoln Christmas Market!! :D I've been looking forward to it all year, especially as last year it was cancelled due to the snow. And we're putting the Christmas tree up today!
Happy Thursday!
Ashley x


  1. I'm 26 and my boyfriend is 32 and we still have an advent calender (which my mum buys!) are never too old to embrace Christmas! Oh and me, my brother and my parents all have stockings as well! Got to love all the festiveness :)

  2. Yay for advent calenders! :) Yeah, my mum sent us them in the post. We always forget to get one, so it was a lovely surprise package :)
    My family has never done stockings, but my boyfriend's does. I really like stockings, so I might have to persuade my mum to put all the small presents in stockings :) (she has stockings, but they've always been decorative).
    Ashley x

  3. We have an advent wreath, but no calendars...maybe I'll have to look into one of those.

    Thinking about your pendrell dress, could you just make a little bridge for the back of the collar? Because I just think that even though your hair is long, it'll fall in the "crack" and make the split that much more obvious, whereas if you put in a small piece of fabric to make it continuous it'll be virtually unnoticeable.

  4. Adorable, Ashley!

    After Christmas, I think you need to make more hearts and then string them together to make garland for Valentine's Day.

    Until then, enjoy your Advent Calendar!

  5. Wow, you have been super busy!! You must knit sooooo quickly!!

    S x

  6. I've always thought I'm a slow knitter, so I choose small projects and spend a couple hours every morning knitting, and then often in the evenings as well. So it seems like I knit fast as I complete lots of projects. But really they're only small projects, and they take me a while really :)
    Ashley x


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