Saturday, 26 March 2011

Evening gown fabric!

The colour is somewhere in between these two photos :) And those specks aren't dirt on the fabric, its dirt on the camera lens! When the fabric was delivered, the envelope was ripped! I expected the worst, but luckily Fabricland put their fabric in a carrier bag as well, which is what the fabric is leaning on. I daren't leave it out of its bag for fear it'll get ruined! I also upped the contrast of these photos so you can see the lovely subtle shine it has! The satin I've worked with before has been thin and reeeeally shiney cheap looking, but this?! This is something else! Duchesse satin . . .wow. Its just lovely. I just want to stroke it all the time. Its lovely and thick, and has a beautiful drape! I'm excited to work with it, I'm imagining it being a dream to sew!
Also, I haven't worked on the next muslin or any alterations to the paper pattern at all! :( Why? Because I am clumsy and nearly sliced the end of my thumb off last night! It hurts like a bugger, so I'm trying to let the resultant flap of skin heal down so it doesn't flap around like a flappy thing!
More soon :)
Jellybean x


  1. Nice. Yeah i got a lovely wine coloured duchess/duchesse satin from fabricland. All i would say is be gentle esp if you need to unpick anything, as the threads can easily "move" or warp a bit. But I managed to gently massage them back.

    It is going to look so luscious when finished.

  2. Thanks for the advice :) I'm hoping I won't need to unpick anything, but you know how it goes. . lol
    Wine sounds wonderful, I'm tempted to get some for myself! Not that I need an evening gown!
    I certainly hope so :)
    Ashley x


Thanks for the comment!


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