Sunday, 6 March 2011

Knitting Supplies

Now of course if I'm going to learn to knit I'm going to need yarn! I already have about 9 balls of cheap yarn in shades of blue, pink and orange. I planned to use these to make scarves and hats for my brothers and sisters for last Christmas. I never got round to it, so now its just sitting there. I've used some of the pink stuff for the booties and I'll use the rest for practicing with :)
I didn't have enough of each of these yarns for an entire project from my new knitting book (other than the booties, and perhaps some baby mittens). So of course I had to go yarn shopping! I also bought some longer needles, in 4mm, 5mm and a set of cable needles.
Here's the yarn I bought:
This is to make a baby cardigan, again for my mums expecting friend :) I love colour changing yarns, and this is machine washable so perfect for a baby. Project #5 in the Knitty Gritty book.
This picture really doesn't show off this yarn well! Its mainly brown, with a colour changing yarn twisted round it. I don't usually go for browns, but I couldn't resist this stuff. I think this will be a lacy shawl type thing. Project #8 in the Knitty Gritty book.
This is a huge ball of yarn! I loved the deep navy colour. This is for a project bag that involves cabling which I'm really excited about! This is project #7 in the Knitty Gritty book. There'll be enough left over to make a pair of mittens for me too! This is project #9 in the book.
I also bought my first 'designer' yarn! It's beautiful!
Apparently the Angel range is quite new. The photo really doens't do this yarn justice. The colour is just yummy, and I want to rub my face on it all the time. I gently take it out of its bag just to stroke it! This will become a light scarf/shawl, project #15 in the book. It will be knitted on big needles, to create a beautiful lacy effect. I'm looking forward to using this one :) It was very difficult to walk away with just this one yarn, but at £7.90 a ball/skein, I really shouldn't get this often. As a treat every now and then though. . . :)
Have you bought any supplies lately?
Jellybean x

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