Monday, 21 March 2011

There be an evening dress in the works. . .

One of my friends has a ball to attend on the 8th of April, and has asked me to make her a dress!! We've chosen New Look 6401 as the base. The reason she asked me in the first place is because she can't find anything to fit her chest! So of course there will be heavy modifications to the bust to make it fit. She hasn't decided on the colour yet, but we're thinking a satiny fabric. She's coming round tomorrow so I can measure her up to find out her size (upper bust measurement obviously as she's waaay bigger than a B cup!) and then we can find out how much fabric to order! We're ordering from Fabricland I think, as its cheap :) I'm looking forward to plotting and scheming! lol
I'm really excited!!! I've always wanted to try an evening dress, but never had the need to. Now I do! :D I just hope it turns out ok and that I can get it finished on time. I think now that we've found a pattern (we were thinking of draping it on her at first!) it shouldn't be too difficult or take forever. But I suppose we'll see. More later :)
Jellybean x


  1. Ooh exciting! The gathered bodice will be nice and easy to "enlarge". It's a really nice pattern actually, i like the black a white back option in the middle the best.

    Fabricland have some really nice quality duchess satin for about £5 a metre. It's quite heavy but you can feel the quality is so much better than the slightly cheaper stuff.

  2. I think that view is my favourite too :) I also think its closest to what she wants.
    I think she was thinking of going for the cheap stuff as money is tight, but I've had the cheap stuff before for my little sisters princess dress and it quite thin and super staticky! Its ok for a dressing up outfit for a 6 year old, but not for an evening dress! Its her birthday soon, so I'm thinking I'll buy the main fabric for her and go for the nicer stuff :) For the extra £3 a metre it sounds like its worth it :)
    Ashley x

  3. Ohhh how fun! You've both picked an absolutely beautiful pattern! And I agree with Law that the bodice of this pattern will probably be easier to grade up! I hope she'll let you post some photos of the finished dress at the ball :-)

  4. I hope so too, I know she doesnt mind having her photo taken, but hates looking at the actual pictures! I'm sure I can persuade her :)
    I hope its easy to grade up, right now I can't think how. Perhaps seeing the pattern piece will help. If I still can't figure it out, there's always the lovely ladies over at The Sewing Forum :)
    Ashley x

  5. Oooo how lovely! I love the versipm with the bow at the back. I decoded this morning that l won't wear sleeveless on account of my flabby arms (sod dieting), but a little float cap sleeve could be added easily to that. I hope we get pics of the end result! x


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