Thursday, 24 March 2011

Evening gown muslin!

The pattern arrived today! I spent the day doing the adjustments :) Here are some photos:
I think the fit in the chest is great, though there wont be a seam in the middle of the real thing. I'll cut it on the fold for the real thing :)
We'll get to the photos of the back in a minute. First of all its a smidge too tight in the hips, and the front armhole is too big. Easy enough fixes. Second of all, we were playing around with the back. Becky really liked the back dipped lower.

The only problem was her bra strap. How to hide it? I had a brainwave! Here's what we came up with:
Rather messily done, but you get the idea! A cute bow back! With a strategically placed bow to hide the bra strap! Cute and practical :D Becky would also like the bottom bow to be a real bow with tails that flow down the back of the dress. I think this will look amazing. We decided that the bows will be cream, as we thought this would be a lovely contrast to the sky blue fabric (when it gets here!). Oh, and the zip will be moved to the side seam, so the bows can be sewn in properly instead of using poppers which was our first idea. Then moving the zip hit me! lol
I'll spend tomorrow working on the adjustments and making another muslin, though this time only to the hip to save on fabric :)
More soon!
Jellybean x


  1. Wowza! That's an amazing muslin! The dress is going to be so beautiful!

  2. Thank you! I can't wait to be ready to cut into the real fabric! And I'm in love with the train! She originally decided she didn't want it, but changed her mind and I'm so glad she did! :D
    Ashley x

  3. Wow, you are so clever!! Can't wait to see the finished dress!!

    I've lost my clothes-making mojo at the moment as the last 3 or so things I've made have been a disaster for one reason or another (mainly fitting issues!!) I'm back onto home furnishings for the time being!!

    Hope you have a nice weekend!!

    S x

  4. Thank you! :D The fabric came today, its beautiful! I'll post some photos later :)
    The fitting went surprisingly well. I usually struggle on myself, but there are only few minor things that need changing for this dress. The only thing I'm worried about is getting the bows laying nice and flat and straight. Hand tacking will be the way to go I think :)
    You'll get your mojo back soon! I've had lots of fitting failures, try making a couple of skirts to get you're confidence up. They're much easier to fit than tops and dresses! You don't have to deal with the bust! lol
    Ashley x

  5. Looks fab Ashley. What a great friend you are making this for her! I imagine it's a lot easier to spot issues and make adjustments on someone else whist they are wearing a muslin than doing it on yourself. Great adaptations. I have a feeling this dres is going to be gorgeous

  6. Thank you :) I think you're right. I always get my OH's opinion and get him to take pics of all the angles, but its still not the same as actually seeing it in person.
    We've had some more thoughts on the adaptations, but still aren't sure. Another muslin might help :) Hopefully will have some pics to share soon.
    Ashley x


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