Monday, 14 March 2011

Sencha - Finished!

I love this blouse. But it doesn't love me. I'm pretty sure I should have done an FBA. You'll see why in the pics:
I didn't think it looks so bad judging by these photos. Though it does make my chest look bigger and my shoulders look wider.  It looks a bit better with the Beignet:
Then I saw this one, and thought OMG my chest looks huge:
But still not so bad. But then I saw this photo, and thought yep, definitely needed an FBA. That's what dresses do when its too small for my chest. It needs more length across the chest, as my boobs kind of hitch it up.
It looks stupid, and I am not happy with it. Or rather, I'm not happy with the fit of it on me. The construction is fine, and the fabric is lovely.
So what did I do? I asked a friend if she would like it if fit her, as she is a C cup, perfect for Colette patterns! As I described it to her she got more and more excited. It fits her beautifully! :D It was very strange to see something I had made for me on someone else. I'd rather see it worn than just sat in the wardrobe though. I'm hoping to get some photos of my friend in this blouse sometime soon. I'll post em when I get em :)
I might try this blouse again in the future, but this time with an FBA.
Jellybean x


  1. Sencha behaves a lot better if you have it fastening all the way to the hem. I used snap fasteners below the waist to avoid the buttons showing through a tight skirt / trousers. If it doesn't fit below the waist, maybe you need to choose a larger size all over. It is pretty generous in the bust department by design: supposedly a D cup.

  2. Thanks for the advice. Snaps are a great idea! Unfortunately I've already given it to a friend, and would feel bad asking for it back as she loves it so!
    Though I feel more confident about trying again :) I'll definitely give the snaps a try, and either go up a size if I need it below the waist, or try an FBA :)
    Ashley x

  3. Shame you had to give it away, lovely top. Lucky friend!

  4. For a DD cup you should always be looking at an FBA! I think I read that Colette patterns were drafted for a C cup - confirmed by the fact that it fits your friend perfectly.

    But I stand by what I said on TSF - it looks gorgeous and very well made!


  5. I know, I was fooled by the measurements on the pattern *sigh* :( At least I know now that even for Colette patterns, I need an FBA. I'll never be fooled again!
    Thank you :) I enjoyed making it too, and learned a few new things so its all good. Plus I get good karma for giving to my friend! :)
    Ashley x

  6. Also, having just looked at the pictures of your muslin, I wonder whether the cotton just wasn't quite drapy enough? Just a thought.

  7. I wondered that myself, as it definitely didn't happen in the muslin. Hmm, I perhaps I should try this pattern with an FBA and a drapy fabric and see where that leaves me. Not sure what fabric though. . .
    Ashley x


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