Monday, 28 March 2011

Finished cable bag and a peek at my next project

I've had this finished for ages now, and have only just got round to taking photos. I had to play with the photos a bit to make the cabling show up a bit better, the flash just drowned all detail and its not the sunniest day today. This is project 7 from the book Knitty Gritty. I'm really enjoying using it, I keep my current project (more on that later!) and the attached ball of yarn in the bag, with my scrap of paper and pencil that I use to record rows. It really helps protect my project and yarn from picking bits of fluff from the carpet (I keep my knitting down the side of the armchair). So here are a couple of photos!

I'm really happy to have finished another knitting project other than a scarf! I haven't forgotten about my socks, which I now realise were quite an achievement for a beginner, but I had lots of help from you tube videos. And of course there were the booties too, but they were small and simple. For this bag, I followed the pattern, with a few tips from the book and actually persevered and finished it instead of getting bored!
As I finished this ages ago, I also have another work-in-progress to show you! Its project 8 in the Knitty Gritty book, and I'm using the colour changing twisted yarn that I showed you in this post which I think looks pretty amazing knitted up!
Aren't those eyelets pretty? I am loving how a lot of the projects in this book are quite simple patterns but look much more complicated! It really makes you feel like you've achieved something when you look at the finished thing or the work-in-progress.
Right, after tea I think its time that I start on the second round of pattern alteration for Becky's dress. We've changed our minds about the bow back, we're now going for a corset back, but with the straight bit at the top placed right over her bra strap to hide it! She wants to have the ribbon extra long so it'll flow down the back of the dress. Ooh, I'm excited! :D
Jellybean x


  1. Lovely! I really must learn to knit! That yarn is so beautiful!

  2. Thank you :) I really recommend the Knitty Gritty book if you decide to give it a go, its so well explained! Its so relaxing to sit and do in the evening if I can't be bothered to get my sewing machine out :)
    Ashley x

  3. Your knitting is fab!! I so wish I could get on with it - I did a class last year and for the first time got my head around what I was doing wrong (I always ended up with twice as many stitches as I started with!!) but I just don't have the patience as I find it works up so s-l-o-w-l-y compared to crochet.

    I did buy the Knitty Gritty book so maybe I should give it another look....

    Becky's dress is going to be lovely, looking forward to seeing it!!

    S x

  4. Thank you! :) You should really take a look, there are some nice small projects in there that are nice and quick! I can't compare to crochet though, I've still not got it mastered! lol
    I can't wait to see it. I think (read: I hope) it'll be a very proud moment for me when I see her in it for the first time :) I hope. . .lol
    Ashley x


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