Saturday, 2 April 2011

Evening dress update

I've taken a couple of photos but don't want to upload them yet, as Becky hasn't seen the dress. I want her to see it in real life first :D
The bodice is attached to the skirt, and I've finished off all of the seams on the inside. I've trimmed off all of the frayed bits at the hem and zig-zagged over it to keep it from fraying any more. So its just the zip and the final hem to do! Then of course there is the back variation to do, but that'll be done by hand while she's wearing it, so the dress has to be finished before we do it. I'm going to take up a little bit on the hem and machine stitch it down. Then when Becky is wearing it I'll pin up the hem to where she wants it, and stitch it by hand so it (hopefully!) doesn't show on the outside.
I have to say it's looking very pretty! I can't wait to see it on, and am praying it fits! lol
Hopefully more later!
Jellybean x


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