Sunday, 10 April 2011

Paired up - fabric and patterns

I've been meaning to do this for ages, but I got held up by Becky's dress. Then I bought more fabric, so there was those to consider too! So, here's what I've decided on :)
I love this fabric! This is the second fabric that I've had that had a strawberry print on it. I wore the dress a few times, but it was too big everywhere as I hadn't paid attention to seam allowances! I've learnt alot since then! I haven't used this pattern before so I'm looking forward to it :) I'm thinking of going for the view in white on the envelope.
This print is so adorable! I've used this pattern before, with the other strawberry fabric I mentioned above. It says its for stretch wovens, but the fabric isn't stretchy so a muslin is definitely needed! The pleats give the skirt a lovely shape :)
I can't wait for the Crescent skirt sewalong! I've decided that I love the pattern so much, I'm going to sew two skirts at the same time. I figure if I have double the sewing, I'm less likely to speed ahead of the sewalong. Plus its exam time during the sewalong, so a sewalong is the perfect thing for me, as it'll keep my sewing time at a limit. So I should actually get some revision done!
I've been looking forward to sewing the Ceylon since I got the pattern. And that fabric. . .! I love it, I just hope it won't be too stiff. Hopefully the pre-wash should soften it up :)
Hmm, three dresses, two skirts and only one top? I should really sew more tops! lol I think I'm going to go for the red and white polka dot view, but I quite like the white view too. What do you think?
So the plans for my fabric and patterns are made. Lets see if I stick to them!
Ashley x


  1. Love all the combinations especially the Russian Doll fabric. I'm doing the Cresent Skirt sewalong as well so I might see you there!

  2. Thanks :) It's nice to have someone else's opinion, I always second guess myself! lol
    Yay! I can't wait, it's such a summery looking skirt, and its finally warming up here :D
    Ashley x

  3. :D

    What I tried to comment on the previous post (but would be equally appropriate for this one) is that I have aspirations to doing a fabric and pattern matching post like this, but fear that my stash has grown so large that it would actually be quicker to sew one of the said garments. Whoops.

  4. I LOVE all your fabric and pattern choices, now I'm eager to see the finished creations! The red and white view for the Butterick top is my favourite too but I'm also more and more attracted to the frilly lace-covered balloon sleeves :)

  5. Thanks :) I like the frilly sleeves too, but the bow at the neck of the polka dot one is just too cute! :)
    Lucy, wow I'd love to have a stash that big! :D
    Ashley x


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