Friday, 15 April 2011

Look what arrived!

Look what arrived this morning! I've eaten two already  (it was all I could do to stop myself stuffing them all in my mouth at once! lol) It also arrived with a lovely note from Lady Cherry, who has lovely hand writing! :) So a huge thank you to the lovely Lady Cherry for having a giveaway! Thank you!!
On a slightly related note, I found out some time last week how to find out how many subscribers you have on google reader*! With the lovely followers I have via blogger and the lovely followers I have via google reader, I have a massive 30 followers! I never dreamed I would have so many! So a huge thank you to all you lovely followers too :D I'm been plotting and planning and dreaming about a giveaway for when/if I reach 50 followers. Giveaways are so much fun, I really hope its soon :)
Oh and I finished my smart skirt that I started before Becky's dress. I'll get some pictures tomorrow, I really like it. My finishing is definitely improving, if I do say so myself :)
I also got an update from my mum about Crunchie this morning. He's doing much better, he's had his catheter out and is able to go to the kitty toilet himself which is a big step in his recovery. The vets originally said he should be able to come home next week, but now they're saying it could be tomorrow! Which is wonderful news, I can stop worrying so much :) 
I've also decided on my next project which I'll start after tea:
And of course there's the Crescent skirt sewalong starting on Monday! I'm looking forward to having a few projects on the go at once, I've never tried it before so we'll see how that goes :)
Well, this post ended up being lots of odds and ends didn't it? 
Ashley x
*for those of you that also don't know like I didn't, follow this link and put your blogs name in the keyword search box and hit search. Easy peasey! :D


  1. Cute birdy fabric! And I haven't seen that pattern before - I look forward to seeing your blouse!

  2. Thanks :) I finished the muslin today, I'll post a couple of photos tomorrow. It's looking promising!
    Ashley x

  3. You are welcome lovely :) and thank you for the hand writing compliment. x

  4. :) I have terrible hand writing, so its nice to see such lovely handwriting. My nan had lovely handwriting, and you can tell which members of my family were taught to write by her by looking at their handwriting! :)
    Ashley x


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