Saturday, 30 April 2011

I bought a new machine!! :D

I'm so excited!! I've been wanting a new machine for a while (I'm sure we all do) and I've had my current machine for just over a year now. So it's probably due for a service, however I was reluctant to bother as the machine cost me £99 when I bought it, and I can now get one for £88. A service costs around £70-80 at the only place anywhere near me, and it's still a good 45 minute walk away. It just doesn't seem worth it. I may as well buy a new machine for an extra £8!!
So I mentioned it to Dom, and we talked about it for  while. I had a look on Sewing Machine Sales which is where I got my current machine from (Singer 1507). I bought this one in  hurry as my first machine (a vintage Singer 507) had broken, and again it wasn't worth getting it fixed. It ended up being between a couple of Singers and a Janome. These were in my £200-250 budget. But Dom being Dom had to look at the next model up from the Singers I was looking at - the 7470. This was £293, out of my budget. But after looking at it and what it could do, I wanted it! Now for his birthday, I bought Dom some custom made in-ear monitors (the kind musicians wear) on the condition that he was allowed to spend as much on me for my birthday. He has already bought me a vintage camera (which I love!) so he said he would go halves with me!! Woohoo!! The 7470 was now well within my budget, so I ordered it in a hurry while babbling thankyous to Dom! :D Now it's just my luck that I ordered it pretty late, so it won't be dispatched until today, and it's a bank holiday on  Monday! So it could be Tuesday at the earliest!!
I can't wait to have a play on it!! :D
A very excited Ashley x


  1. Congrats!! It looks fab and I am :tryingnottobejealous:!!

    S x

  2. Thank you! :D I'm haunting my email, waiting for the dispatch email!! Excited!! :D
    Ashley x

  3. my mom had a sewing machine and guess what i used to make doll clothes using it!!

  4. I've tried making Barbie clothes for my sisters, but they were so small that they'd get sucked down into the machine! Maybe my new machine will cope better with small things :)
    Still no dispatch email *sigh* Looks like I might have to wait until Wednesday!
    Ashley x

  5. Looks lovely :) I don't want a new machine yet, but I would love an overlocker. One day!


Thanks for the comment!


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