Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Russian dolls!

These babies aren't just Russian dolls. Oh no. They're also cup measuring thingies. Dom bought them for me because he is always sending me emails with links to recipes in them that he thinks look yummy. But he never checks the ingredients so usually the ingredients have to be measured in cups! So I moaned at him about it. And he bought me these cute little things! I tried them out using this recipe and wow! It was perfect, there was the perfect amount of everything! And the end result!!! There are no words for how delicious they were. I didn't get a picture as we ate them too quick but they turned out exactly like the picture on the recipe page!! I certainly recommend trying the recipe if you have some cups.
Also, on a more serious note, please send lots of love and cuddles to my little brothers kitten/cat (when are they old enough to be called cat?) because the poor thing is at the vets! Apparently he had to have a blockage removed and they're keeping him in for a couple of days to make sure he doesn't have any kidney damage :( The poor thing! And just because I had to share these funny photos my mum took of him, here he is:
Doesn't he look like he's laughing?

Ashley x


  1. I love the measuring cups, where were they from?

    Your brothers kitty is just gorgeous!! Sending him {{{{healing vibes}}}}

    S x

  2. We got them from amazon:
    He also got me these, but i forgot to take a photo:

    Thank you for the healing vibes. My mum called me last night, its a lot worse than she's letting on to my younger brothers and sisters. The vet kept mentioning putting him down!! But mum was having none of it! If we lose him, at least she will know she's done all she can :( When he came round he was having fits, but the vet said he seems to have perked up a little but still isnt out of the woods. He has some damage to his kidneys, which is apparently reversible.
    All we can do is hope :(
    Ashley x

  3. That cat is awesome. Hope he feels better.

  4. He's much better thank you, he's home now and much happier :D He's back to his usual 'hide under the table and attack your feet you walk by' self! lol
    Ashley x


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